FitFam “The Puppy Run” Race

I wanted to share a new opportunity that has been provided to me. I’m so excited to share that I’ve been asked to join a pilot affiliate program from FitFam! It’s an amazing community that encourages people to get moving in their life by competing in virtual running races. Virtual races are races that you can do on your own time, in your own neighborhood. For someone like me that lives in a small town, or a person like me that often runs alone, this can be an amazing opportunity.

You will receive a bib, swag, medal, etc and the race always benefits an amazing charity. I’m so excited. The first race I’m about to be a part of is The Puppy Run. It benefits an amazing dog charity and they even have a sign up for your dog. So cute! Let me know if you have any questions. Also, if you are local and want to run with me, let me know. We can run/walk and then meet up for a yummy breakfast afterwards. For this race, the link to sign up and receive 10% off is: Stacy’s Puppy Run Link

Happy Running! 🙂

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