Running Update and the TIU Bikini Series Program

WOW! I have not updated since January. A lot has happened in the last few months. Still trying to stay on track with my eating choices, but the exercise and running have been almost non-existent. The last month I definitely have tried to make changes and as of tomorrow, I will start week 3 of my half marathon training through the Nike Run Club app. Also, tomorrow marks Week 1 of the Tone It Up Bikini Series. I definitely want to be accountable and start blogging through this process. I hope that you will join me on my journey!

Before I begin the Bikini Series, there are some questions that are asked of each member. I’m going to blog mine here so that way I can look back, re-read if I need to and to remind myself to stay on track.

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October Running Update

October Running Update: This past month, I ran a total of 61.8 miles. A lot more miles than I did in September. I’m so excited. Finally, I’m adding more miles each month and starting to feel like a runner again.

According to Runkeeper, I had a total of 61.8 miles completed. My average pace was 11.06.
I completed 18 activities. I burned 6,420.3 calories. Elevation climbed 996.8 feet.
I spent 11:26 hours doing some sort of activity.

I’m still on track with my half marathon training program with the NRC app. Finished the month of October on week 6. I had one week where I didn’t get the green check mark and the old me would have stopped the program and started over, but I’m tired of being that girl. The only day I missed was an NTC workout and because I had been at the gym that week, I let it slide. During the month of October, I also completed my longest run, in a while. I hit 7plus miles. It wasn’t easy, but when it was over, I felt wonderful. So excited to start adding those miles in the upcoming weeks.

Sadly, during the month of October, I didn’t hit my 10,000 step goal in one day and it ruined my streak. I’ve tried to start a new one, but something happens and one day I blow it. It’s okay. I guess it’s my body’s way of saying it needs rest. I also didn’t do well updating on the #TIU challenge. I completed the month and although I didn’t follow the plan precisely, I felt that I made great strides with my exercise and my eating choices.

Below are some photos from my “runningwithtiu” Instagram account. Please follow for future training updates.

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