Running Update

Well, I definitely dropped the ball on this blog, but i’m ready to get back into the swing of things. This summer, my running had some highs and low’s. One month over 80 miles, the next 35. It’s just been so hot and life has been busy with summer activities and well, excuses. I’ve tried some more hiking, barre3 classes and more weights and Tone It Up exercises, but with the fall approaching, i’m ready to get back out on the road and run.

I have decided to venture back into my half marathon training and I’m currently on week 3 of the Nike Running Program. I really like it, and so far it’s working.

For more exciting news, I’ve joined a running group here in town. It’s small, but growing. I may not always get to run with them, but their motivation is keeping me interested and motivated and I’m hoping to sign up and participate in some races with my fellow CG runners. Here is a group photo from a morning run as well as a mom’s runner night out.


One last bit of news: I have decided to attend the Tone It Up festival VIP style! It happens in two weeks and I’m so nervous, but excited. I attended a Barre3 class last weekend in Scottsdale and it was amazing. A very eye opening, soul searching class that my body, mind and soul needed to get back on track. Here is a photo of me and my #TIUAZ friends as well as the beautiful view.



Please stay tuned for updates from the Festival. Jillian “FREAKING” Michaels will be leading one of the workouts and I’m so nervous. I totally want her to yell at me and push me in ways I’ve needed!!

Take care and happy living,

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