Wednesday Writing Challenge


Wednesday Writing Challenge Week 8: #29.
5 Ways to Win My Heart

WOW! It’s been a while since I’ve written a WWC entry. This Wednesday, I’m going with #29: 5 ways to win your heart! or rather, my heart. This should be fun! <3

1. Buy me a Starbucks sweet green tea with 1/2 the sweetener. My favorite drink to order and it’s oh so yummy and delicious. It’s the easiest way to win my heart and even make me smile.

2.  Take me to a Texas Longhorn football game. Growing up in Austin, Texas, I loved Saturdays in the fall, college football time. I remember being a child listening to the game on the radio, feeling that excitement when they would score and when I was older, I would go to many games as I could with friends and after Danny and I started dating, we enjoyed games as a family! I miss my home so much, especially during the fall. It’s my favorite time of year and the Longhorn experience is one I wish I could share with the rest of my family. #hookem

3. Give me an Etsy gift certificate. Right now, I’m obsessed with wanting to decorate our home, but unfortunately, since the funds are low, I spend the majority of my time searching Etsy for wall decorations and dreaming of art that would fit my color scheme and make our house a home. I totally dream about having enough money to just pick and choose what I want and right now I’m loving the farmhouse style, quotes, and anything navy and cream inspired. Do you have any favorite Etsy shops? Definitely, share with me.

4. Encourage me while I’m in this never-ending fitness journey. Going through any fitness journey is difficult and the support would definitely be amazing and wonderful. Sometimes we want our partner or family to just know and read our minds when it comes to situations like this. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. Until then I’ll just keep working hard to fulfill my goals with a smile on my face.

5. The final way to win my heart would be surprising me with a trip to New York City. I’ve dreamed about visiting the city ever since I was in high school. I remember hanging out with my friend Blair,writing down all the places Duran Duran went in hopes of meeting them. Well, high school was a long time ago and although the reasons why I want to visit have changed, It’s still the #1 city on my list to visit. I would love to see many Broadway shows, eat at Serendipity, stand in Times Square, visit as many boroughs as I can, finally meet my friend Adria and her family and run through Central Park. Maybe someday this dream will come true.

Most of the ways listed are a bit superficial, but that’s okay. I’m very fortunate that my life is pretty great. I have 5 amazing children and a wonderful husband who are healthy, smart and loving. I love my job and I love my friends. Life isn’t perfect. We have bills to pay and our schedules are hectic, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my big family, I love that when my children get older they will have instant best friends and someone who will be there for them when life gets hard. It’s comforting as a parent and I’m so happy.

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