Wednesday Writing Challenge

wwcWednesday Writing Challenge Week 5, #30.
Something you’re currently worrying about.

Right now, I’m worried about a lot of things. I’m worried about the Olympic athletes and their journey to Rio. I’m worried about my mother. I’m worried about what will happen to this country after the November election.  I’m worried about my cousin Randy, who is presently battling cancer. I’m worried about my daughter who at the moment is trying to come back from a mental block in gymnastics. I’m worried that black lives don’t matter. I’m worried that people are afraid of policemen. I’m worried for my family that when I go to the internet or turn on the news, that someone has died or that multiple deaths have happened. I’m worried what my future brings. I’m worried what my children’s future will be like. I’m worried that someday I will die with many debts. I’m worried that my husband feels like he’s never doing enough to provide for our family. I’m worried that I’ll never find my Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda. I’m worried that I’ll never make it to NYC. I’m worried about my children and whether they will find the great love they are meant to find. I’m worried that their great love will cause hate in the world. I’m worried about bullies. I’m worried about Sophie starting middle school.

This list could go on and on. Sadly, as a mother, a female, a human, I worry about anything and everything. I think that’s okay. It keeps me on my toes and no matter  how many times it angers my children, I will do everything I can do to protect them. I love them. I’m worried that they will never know how much.

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