Happy 4th of July


Happy Fourth of July to you and to America! I hope you had a wonderful day spent with family or friends. Since we moved away from Texas almost 11 years ago, we have developed traditions for our family. When we’re not able to visit home and we stay in AZ for the 4th, we usually go to the community pool, my husband will cook some fantastic barbeque and then we go to the city park for running races, watermelon contests, sno-cones, and fireworks.

Unfortunately, we spent more time at the pool this afternoon than we planned, so we were running late to the park. Missed most of the running races and the contests, but we still had a great time!  A few photos from our evening under the read more break.

Below is a photo of my family watching the races. We arrived right when the sun was setting and it was beautiful.


My daughter Natalie, my husband Danny and my son Zachary after their race. Zachary came in1st place. YAY!

The next photos are me and my daughter Chloe sitting on the painted flag.



And a couple of firework photos.  I hope wherever you may be, that you enjoyed this wonderful holiday!






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