Wednesday Writing Challenge

wwcWednesday Writing Challenge Week 4, #27.
Something you don’t leave your house without.

This week’s writing challenge is pretty easy. My cell phone. It’s really scary how dependent I am on my cell phone. Being a mom of 5 and a mom who is always on the go, I want to be able to be in contact with my children and my husband. Like I’ve stated before, my youngest daughter is a competitive gymnast and we are in the gym 4 sometimes 5 days a week. It can be  crazy during the school year when everyone else is at their activities, so having a cell phone with me at all times is very important.

Another reason I love having my phone near me is because I am an Instagram addict.  I love taking photographs of anything and everything and between my main Insta and my fitness account, I’m always sharing. My fitness account is packed with exercise and food photos and if I can’t feed off my inspirations and #tiugirls excitement, then I won’t feel inspired or encouraged.

I have been making an effort to not always have it by my side.  It’s hard, but I’m always trying. I’ve also tried to have family dinners each week and have the kids not bring their electronics to the table. It hasn’t always gone over well, but they are trying and that’s important to me.

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