Wednesday Writing Challenge

Wednesday Writing Challenge Week 2: #19. 
Put your music player on shuffle and write the first 3 songs that play and what is your initial thought.

  1. Beautiful Life – Nick Fradiani   Nick was last year’s American Idol winner. Honestly, I was getting bored with the show, and although we watched the episodes, I was ready to say goodbye. I liked Nick from the beginning. I thought he was cute and a good singer. As the season progressed, I felt like the show was going in the same direction it always does, molding a contestant to be a winner. Beautiful Life was his winner’s song and from first listen, I loved it. Right now my iTunes music is full of upbeat, running songs and this one is definitely played often and on repeat.  Also, I love the message and lyrics to this song. “Gives us just one perfect night to say, oh what a beautiful life!”  That we as humans should live one day at a time enjoying all that life has to offer. It’s an incredible feeling and when I’m running, I definitely feel I’m living a beautiful life. Video here: Nick Fradiani – Beautiful Life
  2. Sun Don’t Let Me Down – Keith Urban (Featuring Nile Rodgers and Pitbull)  This song is on Keith’s new album Ripcord, and I’m loving it! I’m a huge Keith fan and my iTunes is full of many Keith songs. This is a great upbeat, running song as well. I know a lot of people criticize today’s country songs saying that they are not the same as they were 20 years ago. I don’t fret about it. I like country music from every decade and I love music that is great to dance to and to sing along with. This song fits both perfectly.  Video here: Keith Urban – Sun Don’t Let Me Down
  3. You’ll Think of Me – Keith Urban  Once again, another Keith song pops up.  I love this song. Released in 2014, it’s still one I won’t remove. I don’t have many slower tempo songs on my iTunes, but this one I just can’t delete. It’s one of my favorites and such a beautiful song. The video also reminds us of what Keith looked like with the longer hair. Video here: Keith Urban – You’ll Think of Me

So those are the 3 songs that popped up. Want me to review any other songs,  just let me know. At the moment, I have 193 songs on my playlist, but I’m always adding and deleting.

Until next week.

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