Movie Review – Captain America Winter’s War

I’ve been trying to come up with exciting and interesting topics to post on my blog. I live in a fairly small town in AZ and because of that, we are limited in activities. One of my favorite past times is watching movies. New movies, classic movies, 80s movies, etc. Just name a genre and I’m up for it. I normally chose a romantic comedy, but I’m not picky. Last weeks family choice was Captain America: Civil War.


I love Marvel movies. On any given day I will change who my favorite Avenger is. One day it will be The Hulk simply because I love Mark Ruffalo, but Ironman portrayed by Robert Downey, Jr. follows as a close 2nd. My family definitely enjoyed the movie. I was entertained and left the theater excited and sad. Sad because I don’t want my Avengers fighting each other, and at times I was torn on which side I was on and excited because how amazing was The Black Panther?  I’ve been a huge Chadwick Boseman fan for years and to finally see his talent appreciated is wonderful. I’m so excited for The Black Panther movie (2018) and I did enjoy Peter Parker portrayed by Tom Holland. That movie will be released July 2017. So many great movies to look forward to.  I give this movie a 3/4 star rating. It was a 2-hour movie, but definitely, one to watch again. A bit of advice, stay for 2 post credit extras.  (graphic by

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