Microblog Mondays


Microblog Mondays #6

This week’s Microblog Mondays is an apology. Life has definitely been crazy the last few weeks, so I haven’t had a moment to post. I’ve started many entries, just haven’t completed them or hit send. I’m hoping to start with a plan and keep you updated as often as I can. Summer time in our house can be pretty boring. We catch up on tv shows, go to the movies, clean, etc. Nothing exciting. There have been times we would travel to Texas and visit family, but this year that isn’t possible. It breaks my heart and I miss my family dearly, but right now we really need to concentrate on paying off some credit cards and getting ahead for the fall and winter. I’m happy to report that I will now be working full-time for the school district beginning in August and I’m so excited to start furnishing other rooms in our house, sign up for more races and to start paying off bills. It’s a spectacular feeling. We have been a single income family for years and it will be wonderful to start helping and doing my part. So be on the lookout for new entries and exciting shares.

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