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Microblog Mondays #2

This MM (a day late) will be about being okay with not being perfect, especially when it comes to not finishing a project, a blog post, etc. So many times in my life I get up, mess up and start over. Why is that? Why can’t I just finish a project, a post, a run program, etc? Life. Laziness. Probably a combination of both. Sometimes you wake up with the best of intentions, but then a doughnut gets in the way of a weight loss journey; a filled DVR gets in the way of a run and any excuse causes a crash course in destruction of life. Right now I’m in the middle of a half marathon program and to be honest, I’ve started this program 3 times. Last week, I messed up Week 5. I barely ran and feel horrible. I want to start over. I want to go back to week one and start over, but then something inside me says “No!! Don’t stop!! Keep going!!” Then, fear takes over. Am I really going to run the miles it’s asking? Or am I really just afraid of making it to the end?? I hope I finish. Maybe this will be the motivation to finish something I’ve worked hard for. I hope so. I hope that whatever you are giving up on you continue that journey and fight to the finish. It’s not easy, but oh can it be rewarding.

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  1. Ha — I needed to read this today. I just ate a cookie and was kicking myself. Oh well. Reboot, start over, I’m going to do better now vs. think about how I have to log that cookie in my food journal.

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