Microblog Mondays

Microblog_MondaysThis morning, I stumbled across a blogger, Mel. Each Monday, she “microblogs” an entry. An entry on whatever subject she feels like sharing. Maybe an insight she wants to share or just some out of the blue thought that might be interesting to her readers. A microblog. A one word or 8 lines entry that is all your own. Each week we post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. but do we really own those thoughts?? By microblogging in your own space, it’s out there, out there for you to embrace and cherish for a lifetime or as long as your blog lives on the net. I think this is a wonderful idea and an experience I will gladly partake in each and every Monday.

Microblog Mondays #1

Today’s entry is about my daily job. Monday through Friday, for two hours out of the day, I work at a local elementary school. I remember when I was young, playing school was the best part of my day. Thinking when I grew up, being a teacher would be my every day job. I used to daydream about how awesome it would be to buy the coolest smelly stickers and put them on my students work. My life took a much different turn than I expected and although I haven’t finished college, my daily job doesn’t consists of that type of fun. I do help out in the cafeteria and with the kindergarten and 5th grade classes outside. It’s the brightest part of my day filled with challenges and fulfillment. Each day I witness such creative minds tackle those important lessons like sharing, tying their shoelaces, opening a carton of milk to the 5th graders trying to get along in a game of tag, football or tether ball. I love greeting them each day and the not knowing how my day is going to go excites me to get ready and be at work on time. I’m so grateful for my job and the daily lessons I learn. Patience, understanding, gratitude and happiness. So, here’s a thumbs up to all the school employees at PV. You make my day so wonderful and I’m in awe of what a fantastic job you are doing with the future of tomorrow.

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