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A bucket list by definition is a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime. In my 46 years on this Earth, various decisions I’ve made have allowed me to travel to some amazing places, but sadly only in the US. I’d love someday to venture out to see what this wonderful world has to offer. #1 on my list would definitely be NYC. I’ve dreamed of that trip since I was a sophomore in high school and my friend Blair and I would religiously look over the map of NYC and plan our destinations based on wherever Duran Duran had been spotted. Flash forward to now, and i’m still dreaming of that NYC trip. I have so many places written down that i’d love to visit and experience, i’m not sure it would all come true in one trip. But that doesn’t mean I should stop dreaming. One day.

The image above was taken from a blog titled The blog offers amazing bucket list ideas to add to your own personal list, dealing with travel, music and fitness which all could be exciting. Check out the site and then make your own list. It is the beginning of a new year. Perfect time to write a list.  Here is mine, for now. I’m sure more amazing places and ideas will be added later.

AZ Travel Bucket List:
1. Flagstaff
2. The Grand Canyon
3. The Four Corners
4. Tucson (Still more to see)
5. Phoenix (More to see)
6. Sedona (More to see)

USA Travel Bucket List:
1. NYC
2. San Francisco (Visited once, but more to see)
3. Nashville
4. Chicago
5. Seattle
6. Hawaii
7. Washington, DC
8. Denver (Esp Red Rocks)
9. Walt Disney World
10. Wilmington, NC

World Travel Bucket List:
1. Canada
2. England
3. Australia
4. Italy
5. France
6. Santorini, Greece

House Bucket List:
1. Complete the Backyard
2. Install Wood Floors
3. Complete Each Rooms Decor
4. Finish Painting
5. Repaint Other Rooms

Fitness Bucket List:
1. Lose 8 lbs.
2. Tighten Up Abs, Arms and Glutes
3. Drink More Water
4. Buy More Exercise Clothes
5. Eat LCG
6. Run More Races

Where would you like to go?? Or what’s on your bucket list? Feel free to share in the comments. I’ve love to see if your favorite cities/countries are on my list.

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