august running update

August Running Update: This past month, I ran a total of 44.23 miles. More than July, but not what I had hoped for. September will definitely be a game changer. I’m back to my half marathon training and I’m determined to stick with the plan this go round.

According to Runkeeper, I had a total of 44.23 miles completed. My average pace was 14.03.
I completed 20 activities. I burned 3,068 calories. Elevation climbed 896 feet.
I spent 10:22 hours doing some sort of activity.

This past month, I didn’t reach the number of miles I wanted, but I did increase the activity by 10. I’ve started to incorporate a lot of running/walking. I’ve been trying to encourage my daughter to start exercising more and when I run with her, we spend  more time walking. I’ve also started walking with some other ladies from the gym. I have a lot of fun walking and chatting with them and we are planning on participating in some upcoming races in Phoenix. I really hope it happens. It would be great to have some running buddies. Below are some photos from my “runningwithtiu” Instagram account. Please follow for future training updates.

1     3

4   5

So September is my new game changer month. I really love this time of year in Arizona. Fall is approaching and so are the cooler temps in the morning. So exciting!! I recently added the update to the Nike Running Club. The app provides a training coach and tomorrow I start my half marathon plan. The plan is set up for 3-4 runs per week with being ready for the half by the end of December.  It’s a combination of 65 workouts with a total of 178 total miles. I hope to start blogging more about my runs and if you have any advice, I totally welcome the comments.

Week one has 3 rest days, 1 benchmark day, 2 recovery days and a long run day. I’m so excited. Please come along this journey with me. If you have the NRC app, let me know your information. We can be virtual running buddies. 🙂

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wednesday writing challenge

wwcWOW! It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post. It crosses my mind all the time, unfortunately, I never make the time to post what I’m thinking about. Since today is Wednesday, I figured I’d jump back in with a writing prompt. It’s been a while, so here it goes.

Wednesday Writing Challenge Week 7: #17.
Your favorite color and why.

My favorite color is blue. It’s a color I’ve loved and been passionate about since I was a little girl. I don’t remember how it all started, but there is something about the color that just makes me smile. I love all blue color types, but my favorite is navy. Throughout my life, I’ve wanted to incorporate navy throughout my house and finally, after many years, I’m on the right track. I have so many ideas, and I can’t wait to see them all come to life. I even have a Pinterest page devoted to decorating with navy. You can check out the living area ideas here.

Almost daily, my wardrobe and accessories are navy or have navy accents. I carry a navy purse and at the moment my nails are polished navy. See, I told you I was in love.

Below the cut, are a few photos of me and one of my family room accents. Like I said, it’s a work in progress. I hope to share more house photos soon. In the meantime, share your favorite color. I’d love to read/see if anyone share’s my love of navy or blue.

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july running update

July Running Update: This past month, I ran a sad total of 35 miles. This month was horrible! I was happy that I was able to run in this heat, just didn’t go often enough. During the month of July, I also went to visit my mom in Texas. I packed my workout clothes and had the best of intentions, but sadly, I didn’t exercise or run at all during the visit. We had a great time catching up and I’ll cherish all the moments we spent together forever.

According to Runkeeper, I had a total of 35.6 miles completed. My average pace was 11:03.
I completed 10 activities. I burned 3,796 calories. I elevation climbed 859.3 feet.
I spent 6.33 hours doing some sort of activity.

Here are a few photos from before I went to Texas.  I feel I was still on the track with my running and eating so, despite the fact that I didn’t come out with the number of miles I wanted, I’m ready to start back up in August and kick butt without any hesitation! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

julyfood1    julyfood2

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wednesday writing challenge

wwcWednesday Writing Challenge Week 6: #6. 
What tattoos you have and if they have any meaning.

At the moment, I only have one tattoo. I always knew that when I grew up, I’d have tattoos, I was just never sure what they would be. Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve always loved Drew Barrymore. I think it traces back to E.T., one of my all-time favorite movies.

Through the years, my obsession for Drew grew with each movie: Irreconcilable Differences, Mad Love, The Wedding Singer and eventually Never Been Kissed. Turning 40 was a big milestone and I decided to do something big to celebrate. My cousin Jacquie had several tattoos and suggested I get one. I knew it was the right choice. From the moment I saw a magazine photo of Drew showing her butterfly tattoo, I was always fascinated and knew that would be what I wanted.  I already knew that butterfly tattoos were popular, but it didn’t matter to me. According to, the butterfly is a true wonder of Nature.  As a result, butterflies are often associated with Rebirth and Resurrection. In Christianity, the butterfly represents Christ’s resurrection and his ascension to heaven.

Below the cut is a picture of Drew’s butterfly and a photo of mine. I had always saved a picture of her tattoo, but when I went to Texas for vacation, the idea to get the tattoo happened on a whim, therefore, no photo with me. So, we discussed with the artist what I wanted, and he sketched a beautiful tattoo, with navy coloring, my all time favorite color.  Jacquie chose the same design, but with purple detail and in the end, both of our tattoos turned out wonderful. It was a great bonding moment and one I’ve treasured ever since.  Since then, I have thought of other tattoos I’d like to have. Something that represents my love of family and one that represents being a Longhorn. Someday.

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the grand canyon trip: bedrock city

IMG_1503The first week of June, my sister in law and her family visited Arizona from Texas. Their first stop was to our house and we had a great visit. Sunday morning, we packed the car and set off for our weekend getaway to join them at the Grand Canyon. Living in Arizona for almost 10 years, I’m ashamed to say we haven’t ventured very far, or seen enough of this amazing state. I was super excited we were able to join them on their summer vacation. I will share some iPhone photos as well as photos from my Nikon. I’m so excited to look through over 400plus photos. I’ll narrow it down to share our experience of this amazing landscape and northern Arizona.

First Stop: Bedrock City in Williams, AZ

Sunday morning, we woke up really early and began our trek the 4 1/2 hours to Bedrock City in Williams, AZ. I have seen photos of the attraction and being a Flinstones fan, I was super excited about visiting. We researched the theme park and discovered that there was a $5.00 entrance fee per person, and we decided to bring sandwich items and eat at the location. It turned out perfect and it was a great way to save money. The location also has a gift shop, camping area, and a market.

The attractions of Bedrock City are falling apart. It was a cute experience, but really is just a stopping point on the way to The Grand Canyon. We shared some enjoyable moments such as taking photos and pretending we were visiting Fred, Barney and the gang, but after eating lunch and exploring we were ready to go. Below are a few photos from the experience. For more information, check out the website:


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wednesday writing challenge

wwcWednesday Writing Challenge Week 5, #30.
Something you’re currently worrying about.

Right now, I’m worried about a lot of things. I’m worried about the Olympic athletes and their journey to Rio. I’m worried about my mother. I’m worried about what will happen to this country after the November election.  I’m worried about my cousin Randy, who is presently battling cancer. I’m worried about my daughter who at the moment is trying to come back from a mental block in gymnastics. I’m worried that black lives don’t matter. I’m worried that people are afraid of policemen. I’m worried for my family that when I go to the internet or turn on the news, that someone has died or that multiple deaths have happened. I’m worried what my future brings. I’m worried what my children’s future will be like. I’m worried that someday I will die with many debts. I’m worried that my husband feels like he’s never doing enough to provide for our family. I’m worried that I’ll never find my Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda. I’m worried that I’ll never make it to NYC. I’m worried about my children and whether they will find the great love they are meant to find. I’m worried that their great love will cause hate in the world. I’m worried about bullies. I’m worried about Sophie starting middle school.

This list could go on and on. Sadly, as a mother, a female, a human, I worry about anything and everything. I think that’s okay. It keeps me on my toes and no matter  how many times it angers my children, I will do everything I can do to protect them. I love them. I’m worried that they will never know how much.

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happy 4th of July!!


Happy Fourth of July to you and to America! I hope you had a wonderful day spent with family or friends. Since we moved away from Texas almost 11 years ago, we have developed traditions for our family. When we’re not able to visit home and we stay in AZ for the 4th, we usually go to the community pool, my husband will cook some fantastic barbeque and then we go to the city park for running races, watermelon contests, sno-cones, and fireworks.

Unfortunately, we spent more time at the pool this afternoon than we planned, so we were running late to the park. Missed most of the running races and the contests, but we still had a great time!  A few photos from our evening under the read more break.

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june running update

tucson hikeJune Running/Hiking Update:  This past month, I ran, hiked and cycled a total of 60.6 miles. Normally I’ve been averaging close to 70 miles strictly running, but with the extreme weather, I’ve tried to go to the gym more often and switching up my exercises. This past month, we also traveled to The Grand Canyon and I hiked in my city and surrounding locations such as Sedona and Tumamoc Hill in Tucson (picture to the left), which I hope to do an entry about soon.

According to Runkeeper, I had a total of 60.6 miles completed. My average pace was 13:41.
I completed 22 activities. I burned 6,457.7 calories. I elevation climbed 1,599.5 feet.
I spent 16:2 hours doing some sort of activity.

Although the total number isn’t what I would have liked to achieve, I’m happy that despite the heatwave we’ve been experiencing, I was able to continue my exercises and local runs outside.

My goals for July are to continue going to the gym, adding more running miles, and trying new equipment at the gym while maintaining my 80/20 food goals.

A few hiking pictures plus some food photos behind the cut. If you would like to keep up with me on a daily basis, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat.

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wednesday writing challenge

wwcWednesday Writing Challenge Week 4, #27.
Something you don’t leave your house without.

This week’s writing challenge is pretty easy. My cell phone. It’s really scary how dependent I am on my cell phone. Being a mom of 5 and a mom who is always on the go, I want to be able to be in contact with my children and my husband. Like I’ve stated before, my youngest daughter is a competitive gymnast and we are in the gym 4 sometimes 5 days a week. It can be  crazy during the school year when everyone else is at their activities, so having a cell phone with me at all times is very important.

Another reason I love having my phone near me is because I am an Instagram addict.  I love taking photographs of anything and everything and between my main Insta and my fitness account, I’m always sharing. My fitness account is packed with exercise and food photos and if I can’t feed off my inspirations and #tiugirls excitement, then I won’t feel inspired or encouraged.

I have been making an effort to not always have it by my side.  It’s hard, but I’m always trying. I’ve also tried to have family dinners each week and have the kids not bring their electronics to the table. It hasn’t always gone over well, but they are trying and that’s important to me.

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microblog mondays

Microblog_MondaysMicroblog Mondays #9

Today’s MM is about exercising and eating healthy. As round 2 of The Tone It Up Bikini Series begins, my goal is to complete the challenge eating 90/10, instead of the 80/20 I do now. At 46, I don’t feel that eating 3 cookies at one sitting, or a huge bowl of ice cream are going to work. I want to feel healthy, look healthy and be healthy. Saying that out loud is easy, doing the work is hard. Even though it’s been crazy hot, I’ve been trying to continue with my running. Since my daughter and I joined Planet Fitness, we have been trying to go at least 3 days a week. It’s awesome! I’m definitely seeing minor changes and I can’t wait to witness the day to day progress. Eating healthy is not easy for me. Living in a house with 7 people, I’m realizing our schedules and eating habits are never the same. I have been trying to incorporate more chicken and fish along with vegetables and fruit into our eating plan, but overall I am just not making the time to plan. As of August, I’ll be working full time. Meal planning and meal prepping are definitely going to help, just with motivation and preparation, I hope my 90/10 will continue long after the Round 2 program is over.

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